La Blanche

La Blanche bottle

70cl, 40% ABV

When in 1942 the “Appellation Calvados Pays d'Auge” was created, its regulations imposed no minimum aging. In those days, most Calvados was consumed uncoloured. This extremely perfumed and elegant eau-de-vie was called "La Blanche". Step by step, over the years a minimum of two year ageing in oak casks was required to label the spirit “Calvados AOC”.

Today Christian Drouin has recreated this traditional spirit, which is double-distilled in a copper still and produced from over thirty varieties of cider apples.

La Blanche bottle

Tasting Notes


Crisp and fruity, with rounded apple sweetness developing. Floral apple blossom notes mingle with sharp cider acidity and the merest hint of straw. Notes of crunchy apple candy and freshly squeezed juice are balanced by a gentle sharpness.


Dry and surprisingly earthy, with the sweetness from the nose still present but reduced. Sour apples lead, with gentle candy notes and lots of rich tannic skin. The sharpness softens and orchard notes build – freshly fallen apples on damp grass.


Light and fruity, with gentle sweetness slowly fading to leave hints of apple skin and mint.


A game of two halves, with the fragrant nose backed up by a rich and rounded spirit focused on cider apple character.

Cocktails made with La Blanche