Le Gin

Le Gin bottle

70cl, 42% ABV

A unique gin made from 30 varieties of apple and eight additional aromatic botanicals. Le Gin, launched in 2016, has been developed by Guillaume Drouin, the latest generation of this celebrated Calvados-producing family. The result is a gin which is round, complex and fragrant with unique apple character. This is a truly small batch gin – each release is composed of only 2850 bottles.

Le Gin bottle

Tasting Notes


A cavalcade of spice and fruit – earthy juniper and citrusy ginger are joined by candied apples. Spice sits heavy at the back, with lighter sweet and floral notes dancing on top.


Dry and spicy, with the juniper and coriander again leading the way. Some candied notes push through the spice, but the spice wins. Spiced fruit bread and sherbet lemon notes develop


Apple skin and lingering spice.


A rich and earthy gin with the fruity spirit complemented by spicy juniper. It has enough weight to cut through cocktails and enough complexity to stand up in a Martini.