Grant's Morella Cherry Brandy

Grant's Morella Cherry Brandy bottle

50cl, 25% ABV

A favourite tipple of Queen Victoria, Grant’s Morella Cherry Brandy has been produced in Kent by Thomas Grant since 1774. It continues to be produced to the highest standard and maintains the flavour and tradition of its past.

Grant's Morella Cherry Brandy bottle

Tasting Notes


Fruity, with the expected cherries complemented by nutty almond notes, occasionally dipping into marzipan sweetness.


The palate mirrors the nose, with more focus on fresh and fruity cherry flavour and a restrained sweetness. The almond notes are still present, providing a rich backbone to the liqueur.


Lingering, with balanced sweet and tart fruit.


An unabashedly fruity liqueur, with real cherry flavour, almond richness and just enough sweetness.‚Äč