Habitation Velier is a very special project created by the Italian raconteur and owner of the Velier company, Luca Gargano, and the very best rum distillers in the world.

About Habitation Velier

The first six products in the Habitation Velier range are made in the Caribbean, specifically: Jamaica, Barbados, Marie-Galante and Port-Mourant in Guyana. Although still not widely known, Pure Single Rums are the purest expressions of sugar cane and its by-product; molasses, which have been distilled exclusively in a pot still. Each expression is the result of a unique project. The white Pure Single Rums are of an exceptional quality and the purest expression of sugar cane.

Rich in flavour and high in proof, they represent a new generation of rums for the aficionado. The aged rums embody the power of the interaction between the wood and the complexity of the old methods of production.