Hampden 2010 LROK

Hampden 2010 LROK bottle

70cl, 67% ABV

Hampden Estate have been in continuous operation since 1753, producing many different recipes (marques) with differing flavour profiles and ester levels. These were highly prized by blenders for centuries, with the vast majority being shipped out unaged. 2010 saw Hampden start ageing their stock in the tropical heat of Jamaica for the very first time in their 260 year history. Hampden Estate LROK 2010 is a fantastic example of the quality of a traditional pot still rum.
Hampden 2010 LROK bottle

Tasting Notes


Syrupy vanilla is quickly overrun by fruit: fresh and tinned pineapple, guava, mango (maybe a touch underripe) and overripe peach. Creamy notes hide underneath: foam bananas and anise-spiced whipped cream.


Soft and rounded with creamy vanilla leading into a bowl of fruit salad – the fruit from the nose returns along with green banana and sweet cherry. Darker notes build: dark chocolate, damp oak and a touch of engine oil. The fruit reasserts itself, bouncing back as gummi chews and banana splits.


Earthy dark chocolate and green leaves fade to reveal green banana, barrel char, egg custard tarts and toffee.


More restrained than many LROKs, but that’s not saying much – run through with fruit but with a hidden darker side.