Foursquare 2013

Foursquare 2013 bottle

70cl, 59% ABV

A first for Foursquare distillery, which has produced scores of blended rum, it released its first single pot still rum in 2013 in cooperation with Master Distiller Richard Seale.

Foursquare 2013 bottle

Tasting Notes


Toffee, butterscotch and black pepper to start, but earthier notes build – damp straw and dunnage warehouses. After some time in the glass, clean and buttery white rum notes develop, with green leaves and sweet young spirit.


Big and spicy, with cinnamon and black pepper fighting over a pool of rich toffee sauce. Darker and more savoury notes grow: oak, rich earth and barrel char. As the spice dies away, candyfloss sweetness, liquorice pastilles and salted butter appear.


Intense but fading quickly – golden sugar becomes liquorice-heavy molasses with dry oaky spice.


Classic sweet golden-rum character taken to the next level. The sweetness and spice is dialled up to 11 and the cask character adds balancing savoury notes.