Hampden 2011

Hampden 2011 bottle

70cl, 60.5% ABV

A big and fruity rum from Hampden Estate. LFCH is a rarely seen style of rum from the distillery with an ester count of 200-250 gr/hlpa, with this release coming in at 231.3.

An incredibly rich rum, with loads of pineapple and banana notes complemented by 7 years of tropical maturation and a huge angel's share. This punchy pot-still rum from Habitation Velier is a must for fans of fruity rums with high ester count.

Hampden 2011 bottle

Tasting Notes


Crisp coconut and dried banana chips, with hints of engine oil and crisp caramel. Creamy notes build, chased by sticky toffee pudding and freshly sliced banana. Aniseed twists and barley sugar develop, along with flapjack touches.


Intense toffee and spice to start: cinnamon and clove. Prickly and spicy, with aniseed and cinnamon heat. The fruit slowly takes back hold, with bananas right at the back and baked apples up front.


Cinnamon buns and fireball gobstoppers fade to leave spiced pastry and apple sauce.


From an intensely fruity nose to an intensely toffee-d palate, this dram swings between extremes. Big and spicy, with lots going on.