Muller LL IV3177

Muller LL IV3177 bottle

70cl, 59% ABV

Hailing from Guadeloupe, Muller LL IV/ 3177 white has the same serial number on the pot still as the one of Rhum Rhum. Bottled at the iconic Marie Galante alcohol strength of 59% ABV, Muller white is a testimonial to the traditional Ti-Punch and has fantastic flavours of sugar cane, apple and passion fruit.

Distilled in March 2015 and non chill-filtered, this rum was reduced with rain water during six months.

Muller LL IV3177 bottle

Tasting Notes


Punchy and pungent, with buttery vanilla and sharp lemon zest softened by sweet banana and tropical fruit touches.


Sweet initially turning sharp and citrusy – orange and lemon oil, with lime jelly and wine gum fruitiness. Prickly spice and herbal complexity builds, with cinnamon heat balanced against savoury green leaves and freshly rubbed mint.


The green leaves dominate to start, fading to leave sweet fruit.


A complex white rum with a savoury backbone and well-balanced fruit notes.