Port Mourant

Port Mourant bottle

70cl, 59% ABV

Port Mourant is distilled in one of the the last wooden alembic that still produces rum to this very day. The wooden pots give the rum a unique rich flavour and deep texture. Bottled at 59% ABV and non-chill filtered, this expression is especially suited to bartenders wanting to experiment with new cocktails.

Port Mourant bottle

Tasting Notes


Intense, with sweet fruit and hints of hot rubber jumping out of the glass. After a few minutes, the rubbery notes fade to reveal stewed orchard fruit, a hint of varnish and creosote, and ripe bananas.


Rich and oily on the palate, with more banana to start. That becomes sweet and roasted before turning into toffee and caramel, with a hot and spicy accompaniment. More woody spice notes appear, with cinnamon and nutmeg joined by freshly stripped green twigs and autumn leaves. Behind all of that sits a layer of fresh, crunchy, sweet and sour apple.


Long and fruity, with cinnamon spice fading in and out, leaving a hint of banana and cream.


An intensely flavoured rum, with stacks of spicy character and a solidly fruity core.