H by Hine

H by Hine bottle

70cl, 40% ABV

A vibrant and refreshing VSOP Cognac, H by Hine is produced from grapes grown in the Petite and Grande Champagne areas. This blend has been crafted specially for cocktails, delivering Cognac’s taste and liveliness without overpowering the mix. Lively notes of ripe apricot and yellow fruits are combined with an intense nose of flowers and mild spices. Enjoy as a long drink with ice and tonic, or with ice and ginger ale as a refreshing aperitif.
H by Hine bottle

Tasting Notes


Apple boiled sweets and chalky candies mingle with honeysuckle, meadow grass and light caramel. Barley sugar and pear drops develop, along with notes of crunchy spun sugar.


Rich and oily in texture, with barley sugar and sweet apples leading the way. Sharper fruit notes roll in, with sweet sultana balanced by crisp pear. A layer of candied sweetness provides a backbone.


A burst of sweet apple fades to reveal spicy hints – caraway and cinnamon. Sweetness and sultanas linger.


A rich and unctuous spirit with a fresh character. Fruity and sweet with controlled spice.