Antique XO

Antique XO bottle

70cl, 40% ABV

Antique XO is a complex Cognac, blended from more than forty eaux-de-vie produced exclusively from Grande Champagne grapes. All the elements of this sophisticated liquid have been aged for more than a decade, developing hints of chocolate and baked apple, and aromas of spices and liquorice. Antique XO is ideal for enthusiasts who enjoy lingering cognacs with density and suave structure.
Antique XO bottle

Tasting Notes


Dates and raisins to start, with candied flowers, sweet cream and malt loaf notes peeking out from behind. The richer notes develop, with dark fruit cake and rich brown sugar underpinning everything.


Thick and rich, with fruit cake leading to a pool of spice. Stewed apples and pears are sprinkled with ground cloves by a heavy-handed chef. Lighter notes of crisp icing, sultanas and green leaves dance over the top.


Green leaves, brown leaves and a hint of old oak start things off. The darker notes fade to leave the leaves and freshly sliced apples.


A rich and deeply flavoured Cognac that dips its toes into deep and dark waters without losing its fresher and zestier notes.