Bonneuil 2006

Bonneuil 2006 bottle

70cl, 42.8% ABV

Bonneuil is deliberately released young and fresh, to be as close as possible to wine. Mellow, floral and delicate, this single vintage Cognac is produced from Grande Champagne grapes, harvested in the village of Bonneuil. The guiding philosophy is to remain as close as possible to wine itself, in order to reveal the distinct character of the soils from which the vines draw their identity. It is a collectible cognac, as only 19 casks are produced, and each bottle is numbered. A unique proposition in the Cognac world.

Bonneuil 2006 bottle

Tasting Notes


Green leaves and lemon zest, backed up by floral sugar syrup and a touch of clove. Vanilla extract and pear drops sit on a bed of crisp filo pastry, thinly spread with apple jam.


Sweet, with royal icing tempered by a squeeze of lemon. Sweet green herbs and stewed orchard fruit are joined by a touch of damp oak and autumnal leaves.


Fruit forward, with apples and pears fading to leave peel and a sprinkle of cinnamon spice.


Well balanced between the zesty fruit notes and older, leafy notes. A fresh and fruity cognac that is equally at home as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to dinner.