Bonneuil 2008

Bonneuil 2008 bottle

70cl, 43% ABV

Bonneuil is a single-estate, single-harvest cognac that the cellar master voluntarily releases young, 10 years after harvest. It is the ultimate expression of the terroir where the grapes are grown, 100% from the Bonneuil estate in the Grande Champagne area.

The Packaging’s vibrant coral colour reflects the cranberry notes highlighted by Eric Forget, Cellar Master of the Maison Hine.

The 2008 release is the smallest so far, making this very limited edition of 16 barrels a dream for collectors and cognac lovers alike.

Bonneuil 2008 bottle

Tasting Notes


Sweet and crisp, with toffee apples and fresh cut grass. There’s more orchard fruit underneath, with layers of freshly sliced apples and pears drizzled with syrup. Candied lemon peel and freshly grated zest develop, adding a softly citrusy contrast.


More nuanced than the nose, with a brown sugar background painted with flashes of orchard and citrus fruit. A sprinkling of hot spice is balanced by earthy liquorice and sweet apple. Candied notes develop in the glass, along with a touch of earthy spice.


Crunchy apples and their skin, with touches of buttery-but-singed tarte tatin pastry.


A fresh, fruity and grassy nose leads into a more complex and richer palate that still maintains the fresh and crunchy Bonneuil character.