Homage bottle

70cl, 40% ABV

Homage XO is a blend of more than twenty eaux-de-vie, mostly aged in Hine’s cellars in Jarnac, but including four Early Landed single vintages: 1983, 1985, 1986 and 1987. The particularity of these eaux-de-vie is the slow ageing process in damp British cellars until they reach full maturity. As a tribute to Thomas Hine, an adventurous Englishman who travelled from England in the 18th century to discover the subtleties within Cognac, the cellar master Eric Forget has developed this original spirit, characterised by orange peel notes, nuts and honey flavours.
Homage bottle

Tasting Notes


Buttered brioche and strawberry bubblegum and jump out of the glass. Richer notes of toffee and caramel huddle underneath, surrounded by meadow flowers and dried apple.


Pine needles, brown leaves and spice are layered with stewed and sharp apples. A core of leafiness is surrounded by the fruit, and sweet buttery notes build. Sharper orchard fruit notes and green herbs step in before things get too sweet.


Herbs and leaves fade to sweet fruit and spice.


Fruity, with forest leaves and touches of oak carefully balanced by sweetness. Thomas Hine would approve.