Ilegal Añejo

Ilegal  Añejo  bottle

70cl , 40% ABV

To be designated “Añejo” Mezcal must be aged in barrel for at least a year. Ilegal Añejo is aged for up to 13 months but develops the beautiful “honey” like characters that you would expect from a longer aged spirit.


Ilegal  Añejo  bottle

Tasting Notes


Oak comes to fore immediately; sweet vanilla and warming nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves. However, the spirit itself is not hidden, with espadin-agave sweetness and soft wood smoke poking out from behind the cask influence.


Big, thick and rich; dried figs, currants and spiced caramel. As your palate becomes used to the flavours, gentle smoke and fruity dark chocolate notes appear, along with gently spicy white pepper.


Long and changing, with fruit, spice and leathery notes.


An excellently balanced mezcal, showing off the quality of the casks used to age it as well as the character of the spirit. Complex and easy-drinking: one to sip and contemplate.

Cocktails made with Ilegal Añejo