Ilegal Joven

Ilegal Joven bottle

70cl, 40% ABV

Within the Mezcal category, unaged spirit is usually called Joven (young) but is the same as any Blanco or Silver in the Tequila category, in that it never sees the inside of an oak barrel. Ilegal Joven is bottled very soon after distillation and is made from 100% Espadin agave.

Ilegal Joven bottle

Tasting Notes


A carefully composed blend of sweet and smoky notes - green peppers, sooty smoke and freshly baked agave.


Drier than expected from the nose, with gravelly minerality and coal smoke initially. As the smoke fades, fruity sweetness comes through - more agave and green apple, along with peppery spice, mint and eucalyptus.


Long and smoky, with sweet fruit slowly fading.


Even without ageing, Ilegal’s spirit is punchy and complex. More fruit focused than their aged mezcal, this a pure expression of traditionally cooked and distilled agave.

Cocktails made with Ilegal Joven