Ilegal Reposado

Ilegal Reposado bottle

70cl, 40% ABV

Crafted from Espadin agave, Reposado is “rested” for up to four months in ex bourbon barrels before bottling.

Ilegal Reposado bottle

Tasting Notes


Quite green to start, with wet grass and capsicums joined by cooked agave sweetness. The influence of the oak quickly becomes obvious, with vanilla and spice developing - nutmeg and sharp clove.


Sweet and oily, with butterscotch and vanilla toffee. There is a gentle smokiness hiding underneath, but the sweeter notes dominate. After a few minutes in the glass, darker notes appear - sweet and earthy tobacco, stone fruits and sticky vanilla pods.


The smoke makes itself known here, with doused campfires and tobacco lingering.


More complex than its younger sibling, but with less smoke - four months in a cask has rounded the edges off and helped the smoke integrate, creating a richly bodied mezcal, with sweet highlights.