Distillery Select

Distillery Select bottle

70cl, 40% ABV

A new entry level release celebrating the craftsmanship of master blender, Ian Chang.

Created as an introduction to the Kavalan collection, Distillery Select captures the tropical fruit character that in recent years has won Kavalan so many globally recognized awards.

Perfect when enjoyed neat, in a smooth and rich old fashioned, or mixed with soda in a refreshing highball.

Distillery Select bottle

Tasting Notes


Pineapples and wax polish, with fruity mooncakes, apple pie and mango tarts – a fruit-filled bakery. Candied lemon notes build, with zesty citrus oils balanced by sweetness. Biscuity notes develop, along with dried apricots and papaya.


The pies and cakes return, drizzled with sweetened cream. Spiced apples and freshly sliced pineapple are wrapped in shortcrust pastry and topped with crumble. Sharper fruit notes develop: more apple, unripe mango and poached pear. Creamy vanilla sponge follows, lightly seasoned with baking spices.


Sharp fruit fades to leave spiced pastry.


An easy-drinking whisky that doubles down on Kavalan’s fruity character.