King Car Conductor

King Car Conductor bottle

70cl, 46% ABV

King Car single malt whisky was created to be the boldest, fullest and most rounded expression in the range. In order to retain the maximum amount of flavour and provide a rich, velvety mouthfeel, the whisky is non chill-filtered and the alcoholic strength is raised to 46% ABV. 

King Car Conductor bottle

Tasting Notes


Sweet porridge oats tempered by sharp fruit – apples, pears, and a combination of ripe and unripe mango. Mingled with the sweet grain is spice – cinnamon and nutmeg – polished oak and sticky, candied sweetness.


Buttery and sweet, with the cinnamon and nutmeg from the nose joined by sharp clove and dry, oaky spice. From there, we jump straight into fruit, with apples and pears sweetened with a drizzle of honey, before bursting back into dry spices.


Long and dry, with apples, apple skin and honey fading to soft spice.


This whisky was created to show a more intense side to the regular Kavalan Single Malt, and it achieves that. Everything is dialled up a little bit, without causing anything to get out of balance.