Solist Fino Cask

Solist Fino Cask bottle

70cl, 57.8% ABV

Only the finest refill Fino Sherry butts are used to mature Kavalan Solist Fino. Although a typical Fino Sherry is bone dry, Kavalan’s Soloist Fino imparts a mild sweetness and a rich aroma of Sherry to the whisky. 

Solist Fino Cask bottle

Tasting Notes


Rich, dark and fruity - raisins, prunes, ripe plums, and stewed rhubarb. The fruit isn’t all that sweet, but it’s accompanied by soft vanilla, honey, sugared flowers and cinnamon syrup.


Intense and spicy, with cinnamon, clove and dark woody notes leading the charge. It softens on the palate to reveal tart rhubarb, more spice, leather and a rich, savoury earthy note. Water opens things up, adding in brown-sugar sweetness, rum and raisin fudge and freshly turned soil.


It fades quickly, but then has a resurgence, with cinnamon and apple pie becoming spicy dark chocolate.


A masterful balance of cask and spirit, with dark European oak spice and fruit mingling with fino-cask fruit and Kavalan’s own fruity character.