25 Year Old Straight Rye

25 Year Old Straight Rye bottle

70cl, 58.7% ABV

Exceptionally rare, Michter’s 25 Year Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Rye is subject to the costly evaporation of a quarter century of “Angel’s Share”. Never one to let the price determine the cost of their whiskey, Michter’s spare no expense in striving to produce the finest whiskey possible.

Aged in fire-charred new American white oak barrels, this is a deep, concentrated and beautifully rounded rye whiskey at 58.7% ABV.

25 Year Old Straight Rye bottle

Tasting Notes


Big, full-flavoured nose with rich notes of candied orange peel, coffee and vanilla


An overload of sweet, spicy flavours, with the intense dried-fruit notes balancing well with the precise rye spiciness. A hit of black pepper adds a refreshing spritz


Rich, long and complex, with the peppery spiciness taking charge


This benefits from slow contemplation – those who do will be rewarded with a spicy whiskey that delivers a multitude of complex nuances