Barrel Strength US*1 Rye

Barrel Strength US*1 Rye bottle

70cl, 51 - 55.4% ABV

One way Michter's attains more flavour during the ageing process is by entering the distillate into the barrel at a higher ABV than the industry standard. Whilst a higher ABV is more costly to Michter's, it allows the drinker to savour the fuller flavour of the whiskey which is rich and smooth as it comes straight from the cask.

Willie Pratt is affectionately referred to as 'Dr No.' by his colleagues at Michter's. Notoriously difficult to please, it's only when Willie tastes a cask and his exact standards are met that he will release the barrel for bottling. A single barrel product, each barrel of Michter's US*1 Barrel Strength Kentucky Straight Rye is bottled at its particular alcohol level at the time of bottling. 

Barrel Strength US*1 Rye bottle

Tasting Notes


Thick and rich, with black treacle, black pepper, freshly varnished decking and gentle spice - much less overt spice than you’d expect from a rye


Remarkably mellow to start, despite the strength. Buttered toast and brown sugar sit at the front of the palate, but once you are past those, the barrel strength and rye spice make themselves known. Cinnamon and clove roll in, with intense fruitiness and chocolate


Here’s where the rye was hiding - a long and spicy end, with a touch of mint hanging around after everything else has gone


While this seems initially to be a soft and gentle rye whiskey, that’s definitely not the case - approachable, but still packed with flavour and spice