Neisson Rhum

Neisson Rhum bottle

70cl, 55% ABV

Neisson Rhum Blanc is an unaged Rhum Agricole produced on Martinique at the family -owned Neisson distillery, which has been in operation since 1932 when it was founded by the current master distiller’s grandfather.

Created from fresh sugarcane juice of canes harvested from Martinique’s volcanic soil, the juice is fermented for 72 hours, giving the rum beautiful aromatic notes and a crisp mineral finish. Neisson became the first distillery to sign a Sustainable Agriculture Contract and is working to make its fields organic.

Neisson Rhum Blanc has a depth of tropical and floral aromas and flavours that can be enjoyed in a traditional Ti-Punch, the cocktail of Martinique, or shaken up into a crisp and refreshing Daiquiri.

Neisson Rhum bottle

Tasting Notes


Fresh corn on the cob, leafy corn husks and grassy, late-summer meadows. Behind the corn sweetness hides a touch of earthiness, salted butter and gentle spice.


Initially sweet, but balanced by green, grassy notes and fresh sugar cane. Things slowly get darker, with caramel, butterscotch and treacle notes developing alongside nutmeg and a touch of phenolic clove. Grassiness builds – both damp fields and freshly cut stacks as well as green capsicum peppers.


Dark caramel and grass fade to reveal popcorn sweetness and more green peppers.