Nikka 40 Year Old

Nikka 40 Year Old bottle

70cl, 43% ABV

A very limited release, the Nikka 40 is made using a blend of some of Nikka's oldest stock, including; a malt distilled at their Yoichi distillery in 1945. A masterpiece of blending.

Nikka 40 Year Old bottle

Tasting Notes


Incredible: elegant and perfectly balanced, combining gentle fruit, soft spice and aromatic wood. Tropical notes of mango and papaya are joined by sweet berries before waves of cinnamon, nutmeg, musky eucalyptus, incense and anise add further complexity.


Silkily textured, and initially dark in character: chocolate and toasted orange accompanied by Chinese tea, with rich leather and tobacco notes. Lighter flavours develop and build on top, with citrus zest adding fresh overtones to this venerable whisky. Herbal notes join the fray, providing a leafy and aromatic core.


Soft at first, but it grows in weight, gathering citrus bitterness and gentle fruity sweetness.


A combination of old whiskies that emphasises and enhances the elegance and flavour they’ve picked up during their long years of maturation. An incredible whisky, evidence of the skill of Nikka’s blenders.