Amaro CiaCiaro

Amaro CiaCiaro bottle

70cl, 30% ABV

Amaro CioCiaro follows an authentic recipe from the Frosinone region of central Italy; ciociaro being the name for the local dialect.

During the production process, base alcohol is infused with a secret botanical recipe to which sugar is added, making this amaro slightly sweet. CioCiaro can be drunk neat as a digestif or mixed with soda as an aperitif. When served with lemon peel, it forms the basis for a great punch.

Amaro CiaCiaro bottle

Tasting Notes


Initially bitter, as expected, with an earthy and oily character. Mixed herbs - jasmine and lavender, and woody spice roll in and are joined by more spicy notes on a background of dried orange peel, rhubarb and citrus zest.


Rich and oily mouthfeel, with an initial bittersweet hit of burnt sugar and orange peel. Liquorice and sharp green herbal bitterness appear but are swamped by thick and sugary sweetness and zingy orange oil, falling back to reveal gentle spice and bitter root notes.


Grippy and tannic, with green and leafy herbs, but still sweet, with fresh and dried orange peel.


A rich and characterful amaro, with sweetness and bitterness both at the right level. An excellent digestif.