Renegade Dunfermline – Column Still Rum

Renegade Dunfermline – Column Still Rum bottle

70cl, 50% ABV

Renegade Dunfermline Pre-Cask is one of the first terroir-driven releases from the Renegade Rum Distillery. This is an unaged, single farm origin, traditional pot still rum. Produced from fresh sugarcane juice of the Lacalome Red variety. The cane is harvested from Dunfermline farm on the north-eastern coast of Grenada and is distilled using a column still.

This produces a smooth rum with light tropical fruit, orange and vanilla notes.

With sweet aromas, tropical tones of banana and pineapple, eucalyptus, aloe and freshly cut cane. A velvety texture coats the palate, with gentle hints of orange and soft marmalade.


Situated on mountainous, volcanic Grenada, the Renegade distillery has access to a wide range of altitudes, soils and microclimates, which are ideal for growing top quality cane. Dunfermline farm is surrounded by rainforest, but oddly, gets little rainfall itself and water runs down from the nearby hills into the moisture-retentive soil. This is a traditional cane growing area and typically shows high yield and healthy harvests.

Renegade Dunfermline – Column Still Rum bottle