Renegade Old Bacolet - Pre Cask Rum

Renegade Old Bacolet - Pre Cask Rum bottle

70cl, 50% ABV

One of the first terroir-driven releases from the Renegade Rum Distillery, Old Bacolet is an unaged, single farm origin traditional pot still rum produced from fresh sugarcane juice of the fast growing Cain variety. The cane is harvested from a farm called Old Bacolet on the south coast of Grenada between two rivers - a flat flood plain with rich, clay soil.


Mellow with hints of caramel and vanilla. The rum has a robust spicy, cinnamon to allspice flavour, with a sweet roasted nuttiness that gives way to a dry, long-lasting finish.


With the lavish backdrop of volcanic Grenada, the Renegade distillery has access to a wide range of altitudes, soils and microclimates, which are ideal for growing top quality cane. Old Bacolet farm is surrounded by coconut, papaya, mango and other trees which showcase how fertile the land is. The rivers that flow through Old Bacolet bring a cooling breeze on their way to the sea. Each sip aims to encapsulate this unique paradise.

Renegade Old Bacolet - Pre Cask Rum bottle