Rivers Royale Grenadian Rum

Rivers Royale Grenadian Rum bottle


A legendary Caribbean rum distillery established in 1785, Rivers Royale is produced at the River Antoine Estate in Grenada in very limited quantities using the same practices as it did in the 1700’s.

The sugarcane juice is reduced into a syrup using metal evaporating pans, before undergoing a long natural fermentation. The resulting flavorsome wash is then Pot distilled producing a wonderfully aromatic rum with notes of freshly cut sugarcane, mint, pear, tarte tatin, anise, cacao, almond and tropical fruits. It’s punchy with a surprising smoothness when neat, and the flavours open up beautifully with ice or a few drops of water.

Rivers Royale Grenadian Rum bottle

Tasting Notes


Unripe bananas and their peel, underlying marshmallow and candy floss sweetness. Wax furniture polish, green grass and freshly cut sugarcane notes build.


Rich and thick on the palate, with big earthy grass and hay notes to begin. Intense fruit burrows through the middle: banana, apple and concentrated pineapple. Grass follows, fresh cut, stacked hay and mulching, damp piles. Green banana notes bring everything together.


Brown sugar, caramel and hay linger. Fresh grass spiciness builds, followed by more green banana.