Rutte 100% Grain Vodka

Rutte 100% Grain Vodka bottle

70cl, 40% ABV

One of the Rutte family's most well-guarded secrets is its vodka recipe. Different from regular vodkas, Rutte was the first ditillery in Europe to be certified with the 'organic' label.

Distilled five times using only the finest organic grains, this is an extremely smooth and elegant vodka. 

Rutte 100% Grain Vodka bottle

Tasting Notes


Rounded and gently sweet, with softly creamy notes and an edge of citrus sat behind the sweetness.


Soft and slightly oily mouthfeel, with an intense burst of sweetness and spice as it hits the palate - sweet cream, milk bottle sweets and a warming combination of cinnamon and nutmeg.


Spice and citrus linger, with hints of liquorice appearing as it fades.


A flavoursome vodka, with solid sweetness and spice.