Rutte Old Simon Genever

Rutte Old Simon Genever bottle

75cl, 35% ABV

Old Simon is a genever, a traditional Dutch spirit from which gin evolved. Old Simon is prepared according to the old recipes of Rutte's founder Simon Rutte and is distilled from grains, herbs and juniper berries. Nuts are a crucial element in its composition and are roasted before being added to the still along with the herbs. 

Rutte Old Simon Genever bottle

Tasting Notes


Malty and savoury, with layers of spice, damp grain and freshly baked bread.


Sweet and spicy, with caraway and brown sugar notes capped by cinnamon toast and a hint of sweet cream.


Very sweet, with sugar-dusted, well-buttered cinnamon bagels slowly fading to leave candied lemon and citrusy juniper.


Well-balanced jenever, with a solid core of grainy flavour surrounded by well-selected botanical and spice notes.