Smith & Cross

Smith & Cross bottle

70cl, 57% ABV

This rum represents the distinctively flavourful and aromatic style that made Jamaica rum famous. Containing only heavier-bodied Wedderburn and medium bodied Plummer pot still distillates, famous for their notes of exotic fruits and spice and fermented using a local strain of yeast indigenous to Jamaica, Smith & Cross delivers a tour de force of flavour and complexity that historically made Jamaica rum a cornerstone of many classic drinks.
This Traditional Blended Rum is a blend of approximately equal parts Wedderburn and Plummer; the former is aged for less than a year, and the latter is blended from rums that have spent between 18 months and three years in white oak barrels. Blended at 57% ABV, or 100° English proof, this was the traditional strength required by the British Royal Navy.
Smith & Cross bottle

Tasting Notes


Extremely aromatic, the flavours jump out of the glass at you. Rich tropical fruit, with pineapple and very ripe banana joined by intense darker notes of tobacco, cocoa, clove and cinnamon. Pungent and earthy notes sit behind.


The intensity of the nose is mirrored on the palate, with sugar cane sweetness and treacle bitterness beginning the assault. That’s followed by the fruit from the nose and more, all turned up to 11 - banana, prunes, sultanas and caramelised orange peel. Just as the sweetness reaches a peak, it pulls back, with leather and tobacco notes calming things down.


Long and warming, with sweetness and spice.


An intensely flavoured rum with enough character to shine through in the most heavily flavoured of cocktails. Or, if you’re brave, it makes a fantastic evening sipper.

Cocktails made with Smith & Cross