Tapatio Blanco 110

Tapatio Blanco 110  bottle

50cl, 55% ABV

Carlos Camarena describes this over-proof Tequila as his “game changer” and when you taste it you can sense why.

Tapatio Blanco 110  bottle

Tasting Notes


Sweet and savoury peppers - roasted capsicum and non-spicy padron. There is spiciness, but it comes from white pepper, the traditional agave hit, and is balanced by an underlying sweetness, which is almost white chocolate like.


Thick and oily on the palate, with a spicy kick to start – black pepper and chilli. With that comes sweet, roasted agave, cinnamon toast (with singed edges) and a surprisingly rich grape and sultana fruitiness.


The peppers from the nose return, turning from sweet to dry.


A big, rich and surprisingly complex spirit, especially considering that it is fresh from the still. The extra strength over the blanco allows the flavours to sing.

Cocktails made with Tapatio Blanco 110