Tapatio Blanco

Tapatio Blanco bottle

50cl, 40% ABV

A great example of a traditional blanco Tequila, Tapatio Blanco is rested for two months in stainless steel tanks post distillation and prior to bottling. At 40% ABV Tapatio Blanco has a higher ABV than the Reposado and Añejo so that, when used in Margaritas and cocktails, the character of the agave shines through.

Tapatio Blanco bottle

Tasting Notes


Green and spicy up front, with crunchy runner beans, white pepper, clove and cinnamon, followed up with black tea and apples. Floral notes develop in the glass, along with a new potato earthiness and a touch of creaminess.


Huge and peppery, with a rush of spice followed by a refreshing agave sweetness. The green vegetal notes from the nose hide at the back, making sure you get a full-spectrum agave hit.


Long and spicy with gentle sweetness appearing as the pepper fades.


This is, both literally and figuratively, agave distilled. Fruity, vegetal and spicy, this is a pure expression of what Tequila should be.

Cocktails made with Tapatio Blanco