Belize 2005

Belize 2005 bottle

70cl, 46% ABV

Distilled in column stills at the Travellers distillery in Belize, this rum has been aged for most of its life in the hot and humid climate of Central America, before being shipped to Europe for a final two years of ageing.

Belize 2005 bottle

Tasting Notes


Brown-sugar-dusted granny smith apples backed up by a gentle farmyard funkiness: mulching hay with cows in the barn next door. Candied papaya and banana ice cream appear, sprinkled with candied lemon peel and freshly ground nutmeg.


Buttery, with toffee apples and rich fruit rolling in across the tongue. The fruit turns towards gummy bears and wine gums, but is balanced by spicy char notes, and spicy clove and cinnamon.


A burst of wine gums and helly beans is replaced by a gentle cheek-tingling spice and slowly fading toffee.


The nose barely hints at the rich vein of fruit running through this rum, which is reminiscent of Irish whiskey, old-fashioned Scotch whisky and fine fruit eaux-de-vie.