Jamaica bottle

70cl, 57% ABV

Result of a distillation in column stills, this rum was born in Jamaica in 2012 at the famous Worthy Park Distillery. This expression in bottled at Navy Strength (57.18%) after being matured for more than 4 years: almost 2 on the island, and 2.5 in mild European climate. 
Jamaica bottle

Tasting Notes


Intense with stacks of sweetshop flavours: fruit jellies and jelly beans, pear drops, rhubarb and custards, pineapple and cola cubes. Real fruit peeks in around the edges: stewed apple, crunchy pear, candied papaya and tinned pineapple.


Big and flavoursome, with salted lemons quickly followed by the sweets from the nose – a big mixed bag from the newsagents. Apple sauce and a bucket of spice join them: clove and hot cinnamon. Ferns and pine needles develop, sat with toffee apples in a bucket of sweet apple juice.


Banana and apple purée fades slowly leaving a mint and menthol coolness and spiced toffee.


A seriously flavoursome rum, with fruity esters balanced against darker spice and toffee notes.