Panama 2010

Panama 2010 bottle

70cl, 43% ABV

A classic within the Transcontinental Rum Line, this rum from Panama follows its younger brothers and is now aged almost 8 years. Produced not far from the Panama Canal, this liquid treasure spent 82% of its maturation time in tropical condition, and 18% in European climate. It’s aged in tropics for more than 6 years. 


Panama 2010 bottle

Tasting Notes


Toffee and herbs: very green tarragon is drizzled with thin but intense-flavoured caramel sauce. Fresh minty touches are accompanied by sharp apples and buttery icing. Crisp barley sugar notes develop along with hints of lemon.


Pear drops, rhubarb and custard sweets, and banana purée lead. Fruity notes build along with pine needles and lots of green leafiness. A layer of toffee sweetness sits underneath everything, studded with pockets of spice and sweet black liquorice.


The herbs are up front, with a gentle aniseed tingle that fades to light treacle toffee and gentle spice.


A fresh-tasting rum with weightier character than the nose suggests. Digging deeper into the glass is rewarded with more complexity and darker flavours.