Trois Rivières 12 Year Old

Trois Rivières 12 Year Old bottle


Trois Rivieres 12 Year Old is a blend of rhums of at least 12 years old conditioned in ex bourbon barrels in the warmth and tranquility of the cellars. Trois Rivières 12 Year Old is a great example of just how wonderful the aged rhums of Martinique can be.

Trois Rivières 12 Year Old bottle

Tasting Notes


Brown sugar syrup, liquorice pastilles, singed orange peel, treacle toffee and cinnamon biscuits. Fruity toffee with a coffee and charcoal background note.


Leafy - pine needles, crunchy brown autumn leaves and waxy green leaves. Gentle spice balances charcoal and tree bark, with forest floors and damp earth adding an almost cognac-like rancio note.


Dusty oak and autumn leaves sweeten to blackcurrants and spiced pastry.


Initially rich and dark, this rum has a lightness at its core that the spice and fruit don’t diminish.