Trois Rivières VSOP

Trois Rivières VSOP bottle

70cl, 40% ABV

Among the Trois Rivières rum collection, VSOP Réserve Spéciale is especially appealing. Though faithful to the Trois Rivières style, the perfect smoothness and delicate fullness of this rum make it outstanding. Trois Rivières VSOP is the result of a harmonious blend of rums aged for an average of 5 years. This can be enjoyed neat or is delicious in an Old Fashioned.

Trois Rivières VSOP bottle

Tasting Notes


Sweet and fruity, with a rustic agricole note hiding underneath. Apples, pears, sharp grapes, rhubarb and custard sweets, and Refresher chews sit with spiced sponge cake batter and toffee sauce.


Sweet fruit and spicy oak lead the palate, with spice developing further and the fruit becoming sour - apple and sharp grape. Cinnamon sugar and chocolate notes grow, providing balance and extra earthy spice.


Woody spice fades to liquorice, anise and soft orchard fruit.


A sweet and fruity nose contrasts with an earthy and spicy palate: complex and worth careful consideration.