Westland Distillery American Oak

Westland Distillery American Oak bottle

70cl, 46% ABV

Westland’s American Oak is the distillery’s core expression, a reflection of where it is made and the collective intent of those who made it. Westland Distillery’s founders had a vision for an entirely new category of whiskey.

Distilled from the rich, flavourful barley of Washington State and matured predominantly in new American oak casks in the steady, cool humidity of Westland’s seaside home, this whiskey is a testament to that vision. All of these choices and ingredients conspire to create an approachable, mature and uniquely American single malt that can stand with the best whiskies in the world.

Westland Distillery American Oak bottle

Tasting Notes


Fresh cut pine logs and dark chocolate lead, with sweeter notes of mixed dried fruit – raisins, orange peel – coming in close behind. Woody notes build, revealing a sweet and savoury mix of vanilla, orchard fruit and gently toasted oak.


The palate is at first much less assertive than the nose, but quickly crescendos into rich chocolate notes. Soft vanilla and and oily texture offer a deceptive start, with cinnamon and dark fruit building before dropping away to reveal a cocoa-laced heart. Beyond the chocolate, soft spice and green, leafy notes add further complexity.


Spicy at first, but fading through vanilla cream and crunchy apple to leave lingering dark chocolate.


A complex and multi-faceted whiskey, with less sweetness than you might expect and a balanced range of fruit, oak and more savoury character. One to explore slowly.