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Waterford Gaia 2.1 Organic Single Malt Whisky

70cl - 50% ABV

Waterford Gaia is the only certified organic Irish whiskey and is made from organic Irish barley grown at 6 farms. Waterford Gaia 2.1 is the second edition of the whisky and is made from the 2016 organic barley harvest. The whisky has a rich texture with notes of fruit salad, fig rolls, marshmallows, grapefruit, orange zest and cherry, a slight touch of salted peanuts and liquorice with a long and complex finish. It is best enjoyed neat or with a few drops of water to allow the cereal notes and viscous texture to open up.

Tasting Notes


Freshly cut apples, stewed pears, vanilla toffee and spiced shortbread lead. The toffee notes build as the whisky sits in the glass, contrasting with damp mown grass.


Sweet apples return – both fresh and crunchy, and stewed and rich –, with buttery pastry and soft spice close behind: a tasty apple pie of a flavour combination. Aniseed ball spice and heat build, all backed up by creamy caramel notes.


Tart apple and apple candy at first, with spiced butter and caramel developing. That all slowly fades, leaving hay and grass.


A well-balanced whisky, with fresh fruit matched by soft space and richer, more decadent notes.


Made With

Waterford Gaia 2.1 Organic Single Malt Whisky