12 Year Old

12 Year Old bottle

70cl, 43%

After 10 years in contact with the oak, Armagnac takes on an aged character with the notes from the wood starting to become more dominant. Still a young Armagnac, at 12 years old it is ideal to mix or sip.

12 Year Old bottle

Tasting Notes


Initially rich and fruity, but with a light and fresh character balanced on top. Light fruit cake, delicately spiced and studded plump raisins, are joined by soft citrus – both candied lemon peel and aromatic zest – and a hint of creaminess.


A contrast to the nose, with an initially dry and fragrant character. Floral notes become sweet, with ground spice and toffee providing a backbone. The sweetness is tempered by burnt sugar and a hint of dark coffee bitterness.


Sweet and sour fruit to start, with muscat grapes and sharp apple quickly joined by lingering spice.


Balanced and well-integrated, with a wide range of flavours, young and old. Fresh and fruity enough to be enjoyed as an aperitif, but with enough depth to be sipped slowly by the fire.