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  • A Brief History of British Navy Rums A Brief History of British Navy Rums

    The relationship of sailors and alcoholic beverages goes back centuries, long before the plantations in the Caribbean were established. Our Rum Brand Ambassador Dean tells us more about the genesis of this complex spirit.

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  • New Releases New Releases

    The world of rum is constantly evolving and Velier and Elixir Distillers are at the forefront of this evolution. When industry giants like Luca Gargano and Sukhinder Singh  bring new bottles to the market, every discerning rum lover hold their breath.

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  • Black Tot Launch Black Tot Launch

    Wednesday 18th September 2019 was a big day, as we celebrated the launch of a brand new rum: Black Tot . Inspired by the centuries-old naval tradition of sourcing and blending rums from the Caribbean, Black Tot brings together three distinctive rums in one multi–layered, un-sweetened harmonious blend with a modern twist.

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Product Highlight

Nikka Days

Nikka Days bottle

70cl, 40% ABV

Blended from a combination of Coffey Grain, lightly peated Miyagikyo Single Malt and a small proportion of Coffey Malt and Yoichi Single Malt, this highly versatile whisky will please new whisky drinkers and connoisseurs alike.

A complex yet approachable whisky, created to be enjoyed in a refreshing highball or mizuwari serve. Enjoy also in a cocktail, neat or on the rocks.