40 Year Old

40 Year Old bottle

70cl, 40% ABV

At 40 years, the Armagnac’s true character is very apparent. The quality of the oak used is very important, as the right use of a quality barrel will bring complexity and finesse to the Armagnac; elements that can be judged and appreciated after 40 years in contact with the wood.

40 Year Old bottle

Tasting Notes


Soft and complex, with layers of fresh and dusty oak, sweet citrus, brown sugar and woody spice.


Elegant and delicate, with soft vanilla and gentle spice backed up by orange zest and dried peel and sweet clementine juice. Fragrant wood - sandalwood and incense builds, tempered by sweet oak.


Initially sweet and spicy, vanilla and chocolate become increasingly aromatic, adding black tea notes which fade slowly.


An elegant expression of the Armagnac maker’s art, adding layers of mature flavour to soft and fruity eaux-de-vie without swamping the spirit’s character.