With production only having begun in 2006, Taiwan’s first whisky distillery has already taken the world by storm with its whiskies winning such prestigious accolades as: ‘World’s Best Single Malt Whisky’ at the World Whiskies Awards in 2015.

About Kavalan

The distillery’s founder spent years searching for the perfect site and, after finding the cold, pure spring water flowing through the Snow Mountain and the cleanest air in the country, Yilan in Northeast Taiwan was chosen as the location for the King Car distillery. Taiwan’s sub-tropical climate also provides Kavalan with another advantage: their whiskies age and mature at a faster rate than those produced in different regions across the globe.

Aside from purchasing copper stills from abroad, Kavalan brought in professional whisky consultant Dr Jim Swan to implement highly specialised distilling and blending as well as inviting a world-class specialist to join its R&D team. These investments in the distillery and its people ensure Kavalan whisky is of the highest standard possible.