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Finest Caribbean Rum

70cl - 46.2% ABV

Black Tot Finest Caribbean Rum is a unique blend of delicious, characterful rums from iconic rum-producing nations. Inspired by the history of Royal Navy rum blending, Black Tot marries the elegance and tropical fruitiness of rums from Barbados, the richness and decadence of those from Guyana and a touch of Jamaican rum for spice and intensity, resulting in a multi-layered, complex and fruity expression. It is delicious neat or mixed in your favourite rum cocktail.

Tasting Notes


Thick and fruity, with pineapples, bananas and freshly-removed banana peel in a chamois leather bag. Golden syrup, brown sugar and funkily sweet sugar-cane juice peek out from behind the fruit, with a touch of polished oak following in their wake.


Rounded and rich, with butter toffee, banana cream and caramel to start. Gentle cinnamon and allspice build, with more fruit – baked apples, pineapple cubes and dried mango – joined by coffee, bittersweet dark chocolate and a grind of black pepper.


Chocolatey mocha coffee fades, leaving roasted bananas and a tingle of anise.


A versatile blend, showcasing the best of Barbadian, Guyanan and Jamaican rums – fruity, rich and funky.


Made With

Finest Caribbean Rum