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Boatyard Vodka

70cl - 41% ABV

An organic Irish vodka, made entirely from wheat grown by the best farmers in the country. The Boatyard Distillery employs what it calls a "seed-to-sip" ethos in its vodka production, meaning it can trace the wheat used in each bottle back to the farmer who harvested it – and even back to the field it which it was grown. After three rounds of distillation in a 500-litre still called Mr Fusion, the spirit is bottled unfiltered for maximum flavour. This produces a rich, creamy vodka with notes of black pepper, banana, orange zest and beeswax, leading to a vanilla finish. Try it in an Espresso Martini or mixed with soda water.

Tasting Notes


Creamy, with a soft caramel sweetness. A touch of citric acidity lurks behind: candied lemon slices and a squirt of juice.


The caramel sweetness from the nose dominates the palate, balanced by a touch of pithy lemon. Dark sugars hide at the back, and the creaminess comes through in the soft texture. There is a touch of heat at the back of the palate, with some gently prickly alcohol.


Candied lemon and butterscotch.


A rounded and mouth-filling vodka with balanced sweetness.


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Boatyard Vodka