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Canaïma Small Batch Gin

70cl - 47% ABV

Canaïma Small Batch Gin is an Amazonian gin dedicated to protecting and preserving its environment and the local communities within it. The gin is made using 18 different botanicals – 10 from the Amazon, which are sourced directly by the local communities that the brand supports, as well as the semeruco fruit from the Andean foothills in Venezuela, where Canaïma’s distillery is based. The remaining eight are traditional gin botanicals, which when blended with the native ingredients create a tropical, citrusy profile.

Created by revered bartender Simone Caporale, Canaïma’s signature serve complements the gin’s passion fruit, orange and acai berry notes. Top 40ml of Canaïma with 150ml pink grapefruit soda in a highball glass filled with ice.

Tasting Notes


Well-balanced citrus zestiness and earthy spice lead – the dual nature of juniper on a glass. Damp, leady notes fill the gaps in between bursts of fruit, with a base of soft spice hiding at the back.


The citrus is back, but savoury herbal notes build and overtake it. A flash of sweet orange and tropical fruit spirals out from the centre, with tingling, peppery spice as a counterpoint.


Earthy spice lingers, with sweet fruit slowly fading.


A gin that starts by deconstructing the flavours of juniper before leaping headfirst into its tropical heritage.


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Canaïma Small Batch Gin