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Don Fulano Fuerte

70cl - 50% ABV

Don Fulano Fuerte is the strongest tequila in the range at 50% ABV. Only the exclusive blending process, using the dual stills at La Tequilena distillery, can make this unique Blanco so rich and smooth. It is ideal when enjoyed neat as a sipping tequila, but also stands up superbly well in cocktails. 

Tasting Notes


Strongly aromatic, thanks to the higher ABV. Intensely fruity and vegetal agave notes lead, with sweet jasmine and herbal notes behind.


A big spicy hit to start, with peppery agave and cinnamon. As the heat subsides, mint and more savoury green herbs appear.


Very long, with mint and peppery spice.


Powerfully flavoured with a good mix of sweet agave fruit and savoury herbal notes. It’s a classic white sipping Tequila, but the extra strength makes it a must have for cocktails, where you want the agave flavour to shine through.


Made With

Don Fulano Fuerte