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La Venenosa Sierra Raicilla

70cl - 42% ABV

Produced by Maestro Tabernero Don Ruben Peña in the mountains in the village of Mascota, Jalisco. At 1,500 metres above sea level, Don Ruben cultivates Agave Maximiliana from seeds. The agave is roasted in a wood fired adobe oven and he uses wild yeasts to ferment the aguamiel, or must, in 200 litre vats. Distillation is performed in an arabic-philippino still and bottled after only one pass. 

Tasting Notes


Pungent, with vinegary fruit shrub notes jumping out of the glass - a sharp sourness overlayed with sweet lemons, apples and grapes. Sweetness is at the heart of this, with syrupy notes balanced by the sourness and delicate touches of spice.


A fruity palate, with fruit loaf soaked in unsweetened lemon and lime juice spread with sweet butter and dusted with icing sugar. As the fruitiness fades, minerality and spice emerge from the shadows.


Soft and lingering, with sweet creamy notes slowly becoming spicy before fading away to a dry, apple skin end.


A vegetal nose packed with agave flavour leads you into a sweet palate with dry edges, that is easy-drinking and surprisingly moreish.


Made With

La Venenosa Sierra Raicilla