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Jasmine Tea & Peach Spritz

The British afternoon tea tradition meets Italy's aperitivo hour in this thirst-quenching spritz. Jasmine tea complements Cocchi Americano's floral notes of honeysuckle perfectly, creating an unbeatable spritz for a hot summer's day.

Made with

  • Cocchi Americano

Jasmine Tea & Peach Spritz Recipe




50ml Cocchi Americano

50ml chilled and strongly brewed jasmine tea

15ml peach puree

Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic, to top




Brew the Jasmine tea for double the box's stated brew time and add on three minutes, then leave to cool. When the tea is cold, add all ingredients (without the tonic) to a wine glass and stir together. Add ice up to the rim of the glass and top up with the tonic water.


A slice of fresh peach


Level 1 - Simple


Made With

Aromatised Wine